Data Management

Custom data management solutions
specific for your needs!

It is overwhelming to deal with data and analyse it thoroughly to get reliable business insights. We offer customized and organized data in a structured manner for better decision making.

With that we assist you in...

Data Mining & Lead Generation

We pool data by scrapping and capturing from multiple resources including online and offline sources. Our advance analysis has been used in various industries such as banking, automobile, entertainment, logistics, education, healthcare and many more.

We work on event data collection covering various industries across all geographies and create customized analytical reports and build enriched business.

data mining lead generation
data cleansing

Data Cleansing

We provide the best solution for avoiding costs that crop up when organizations are busy processing errors, correcting incorrect data or troubleshooting Our data cleansing services were customizable and scalable based on client’s needs. We do various cleansing ranging from ecommerce through product data cleansing.

We assure that the end product after cleansing is accurate, consistent and error free identifying all the irrelevant data and correcting them, modifying and deleting them.

Data Migration

We have an extensive experience in migrating data from one application to another. We have a skilled human expertise which does small to large volume migrations, migrations from single or multi source system to uni or multi target systems.

data migration
data digitalization

Data Digitalization

We digitalize data using new technologies and techniques helping our clients for easy access of their data as well as to enhance their business models.

We have data experts who excel in converting data from complex sources, scanned images and hard copies of invoices to easy accessible digital data.

Social Impact Assessment

We develop and implement strategies and systems to evaluate outputs of corporate social responsibilities of various companies, assess them based on the positive and negative impact to the society, economy and environment.

Through our collaborative project, we play an influencing role helping companies to scale their integrity, to make a positive impact to the society as well as the environment through sustainable development.

social impact assessment
data governance compliance

Data Governance and Compliance

Stay ahead of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with our robust data governance and compliance services. Establish data policies, procedures, and controls, ensuring data security, privacy, and compliance with industry standards.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

We provide a scalable and modular AI based analytics  which minimize your time and maximize your market impact.

data analytics business intelligence
sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Our team is dedicated to helping you harness the power of emotions and sentiments hidden within your data to drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions through Sentiment Analysis.

Sentimental Analysis, a powerful tool to extract valuable insights from the vast sea of unstructured data including social media posts, customer reviews, surveys, and more. It leverages advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms to automatically classify text into positive, negative, or neutral sentiments.