We are a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive technical and organizational experience spanning almost a decade.

Our Mission

At Noevos, we strive to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology and expert guidance to achieve their goals. We are committed to delivering high-quality services while providing exceptional customer service and support.

noevos mission
noevos vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted partner for businesses worldwide, enabling them to leverage the latest technologies and strategies to drive growth and success. We aim to continuously innovate and evolve our services to meet the changing needs of our clients, while maintaining our commitment to excellence and integrity.

Our Story

Our Founder, Mr. Joemicks, has a deep appreciation for the power of data in transforming businesses. His fascination with data-driven solutions inspired him to become an entrepreneur, aiming to drive innovation and create value. He founded Noevos Market Research and Analysis in his hometown, Nagercoil, with a mission to bridge the opportunity gap in the region by providing cutting-edge data and analytics services to clients worldwide. Joe’s vision and leadership have made Noevos a trusted partner to organizations across industries, helping them leverage data to unlock new opportunities and drive growth.

The History


Noevos started its journey on 4 September 2014. It all began at Mr.Joemicks's house with 2 employees. In 6 months, Noevos grew to an employee strength of 8 and moved to an office setup


In a span of 4 years, we grew to an employee strength of 120 with positive revenue growth providing exceptional services to various businesses.


With our diverse portfolio, Noevos has established itself as an expert in the industry with experience close to a decade.



Joemicks is a visionary entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Noevos. His expertise lies in leveraging data and technology to drive business value. He is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional client service, and he is a respected thought leader in the healthcare KOL management field.

Fayaz Mohaideen
Fayaz Mohaideen

Fayaz is a Managing Partner at Noevos. With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Fayaz has a proven track record of delivering high-end services to clients globally in the field of KOL Management. His expertise lies in providing strategic insights and actionable recommendations to help clients make informed business decisions.